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Education and training to help end the cycle of poverty are continuous efforts.

STEM Teacher Training

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) are pillars that touch every aspect of our lives, each day. The need to continue learning and imparting knowledge in these areas is enduring and a testament to the advances we see today. BFB Foundation is pleased to fund a STEM teacher training program in Guatemala. It is our latest addition to the educational programs. As technology continues to expand and infuse our lives with knowledge, capacity, innovation, and imagination, communities must be prepared and equipped to absorb and engage with emerging ideas.

The funding through a grant will upfit current classrooms to foster STEM learning. The training will focus on teachers and eventually, teachers will educate students through a STEM curriculum. The areas of math and science will enrich the current educational programs already in place in the communities we serve in Guatemala.

To the Student

To the School

A Special Thank You

We would like to thank two generous donors for allowing us to provide 56 pre-owned, refurbished laptop computers to under-resourced students in our partner schools in Guatemala. These students have been challenged to learn remotely during the COVID virus when everything went online. We want to thank the anonymous individual who donated the 56 computers (and has donated over 150 computers just in the last 4 years!) We also want to thank Corporacion Radio Electonica S.A. in Guatemala for donating the cost of shipping the computers from Charlotte, North Carolina to Guatemala. This was a huge undertaking as we have usually hand-carried them in the past. THANKS to both donors who are helping the girls who will now be able to do their schoolwork remotely!

Why are programs such as STEM so important...

"How can you know possibilities you have before you if you don't even know that they exist?"

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