Educational Support from High School to University

For most rural and indigenous families in Guatemala, costs associated with public school can be prohibitive. By eliminating the barrier of educational expenses, we hope to enable more girls to complete high school and to consider university or vocational training.

Scholarship Programs

BFB Foundation Women’s Scholarships are currently funding 50 University scholarship students. The Scholarship Program has already graduated 25 girls in a variety of professions. The program started in 2015 with 8 students and has grown each year. Scholarship recipients may go to public university, professional skills training or certification classes, and funds are used to cover tuition, university, school supplies, transportation and lodging.

BFB Foundation also supports 100+ girls in high school by providing funding to four Bethlehemite high schools in the highlands of Guatemala. By eliminating the barrier of education expenses, we hope to enable more girls to complete high school. 

As a component of our University Scholarships program, each student is expected to “give back” to their communities through volunteering or doing community service.

Please watch the video about two of our current scholarships students and their experiences of giving back.

You Can Change a Life!

Funding a scholarship through the BFB Foundation Women’s Scholarship Program directly impacts opportunities available for a young woman to find meaningful employment, become part of her community’s economy and help support her family.

Scholarship Criteria


Individual donations can be allocated to the BFB Women’s Scholarship Program where it will be applied to the scholarship fund, helping achieve a young woman’s dreams.

ALL 4-1 Campaign

We currently offer $600 scholarships to indigenous Guatemalan girls from disadvantaged communities for their University education. Through our All 4-1 campaign, the goal is to offer more University scholarships each year. Every dollar donated goes to a specific girl’s education and your donation is tax deductible. Here’s how you can change a girl’s life, that of her family, and her community:

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