Your help can make a difference

You can contribute to funding the education of the next generation of women in the world, an especially impactful service in developing communities. For $0.30 per day, you can provide one child with school supplies, for $0.50 per day you can provide a child with a healthy lunch, and for $0.87 per day you can provide a child with an education and the tools to build a better future. It takes so little to do so much.

Between November 27 – November 30, your gift toward the BFB Foundation Women’s Scholarship program goes twice as far! Please consider making a life-changing difference in the life a girl, her family and community. Your contribution will be matched by a generous donor. Thank you!

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Give Materials
Teaching requires more than just books. You can help by giving teachers the tools they need to create a fun, engaging environment. You and your group can gather items on the schools’ wish lists and help give the students the education they deserve.

Give Time
As appreciated and necessary as monetary donations are, giving of your time and yourself might be even more important. Nothing helps as much as a willingness to give time to one of these young women. Become a mentor. Listen to a young woman’s needs, ideas, dreams, and concerns, and celebrate her successes and accomplishments with her. Share your own experiences, knowledge, and relevant professional expertise.