All proceeds benefit the education of women and girls in Guatemala through BFB Foundation.

Handmade Guatemalan Children’s Clothes



Handmade in Guatemala.
Business owner: Paulina Scott Torrebiarte, BFB Foundation Board member from Guatemala.

Proceeds of each sale will be donated to the foundation.

Please visit the Etsy site to purchase the clothes.


Known for its fascinating patterns and vibrant colors, a Huipil (pronounced wee-peel) is an embroidered blouse worn by indigenous women in Guatemala. Handwoven on back-strap looms using timeless techniques passed down for generations, a single garment can take anywhere from one to six months to complete, but the end result is a one-of-a-kind work of art.

The weave or design of each Huipil holds great cultural significance and sacred meaning as each region, town, and village possesses its own style and pattern. A woman’s traje (traditional dress) defines not only her personality and geographical location but also her marital, social, wealth, and religious status. These patterns and meanings have held true throughout the years, dating back to the ancient Mayan civilizations.


Paulina Scott Torrebiarte is a BFB Foundation board member who is from Guatemala. All proceeds benefit the education of women and girls in Guatemala through BFB Foundation.

Paulina was inspired to share this beautiful art from Guatemala after she had her two sons. She wanted to educate and instill in them the cultural origin of her homeland – the boys’ roots. Childhood memories of families from elders to the youngest donning colorful, traditional Guatemalan clothing inspired Paulina to share this love with our community through her designs and partnership with female artisans in Guatemala.
The effort in producing the high-quality clothing really is a full-circle community effort. Paulina shares her designs to the artisans in Guatemala who then produce them. The clothing is available to the community to bring a true piece of Guatemala home. The proceeds are donated to BFB in turn, which go to supporting educational and training programs for women in Guatemala.
By purchasing a piece of this art and tradition, you join us in this synergistic community cycle!