BFB Foundation Refines its Focus

As many of you know, in recent months we have reevaluated the scope and concentration of the BFB Foundation and how we will carry out our mission. Initially, our program would have awarded scholarships to two women from Guatemala, allowing them to attend college in the United States. Along with receiving a formal education, the women would have been able to intern at a local Credit Union, participate in a community service project, and be paired with a local mentor. As the program grew, we would then be able to extend scholarship opportunities to additional women.

With the program defined along those lines, we visited Guatemala in January to interview potential candidates, meet with local community leaders and non-profit organizations, and finalize the program’s structure. However, during our discussions it became evident that our plans would have to change. The women we felt could benefit most from our support were not at a point in their own educations where they would have been able to attend university-level classes in the United States. We decided that although our mission would remain the same, we would have to revise the individual initiatives that would help carry out that mission.

The relationships we formed during that trip were essential in helping us revise our plan. After coming to understand the specific needs of the girls and women and the needs of the organizations, we feel we can make a greater impact if we focus our efforts on supporting girls through primary, basico, and diversificado schooling as they prepare to attend University. Because needs vary, the BFB Foundation will tailor programs to meet the individual needs of each community and educational institution. We will provide or facilitate additional resources including, but not limited to:

Educational Programs (e.g. women’s health, financial literacy, etc.)
Guest Instructors and Volunteers
Supplies and Materials

We are now in the process of revising our IRS application to fit our new goals and will soon have the base we need to begin raising funds and recruiting volunteers. We hope you are as excited as we are about the opportunities we have as part of the BFB Foundation, not only to do good, but to enrich our own lives in the process.