Women and Communities

The BFB Foundation knows that when women have the opportunity to learn and grow,
the success they find is shared with their children and, ultimately, the entire community. One educated woman has the power to affect great change and to touch many lives.

Financial Literacy

Financial literacy is the knowledge of how money works. The importance of understanding finance is vital to independence and fostering an entrepreneurial spirit. Those without the benefit of financial education are usually unable to develop the skills necessary to compete in an economy. The BFB Foundation is passionate about providing financial education to women in developing areas so they are more aware of their options and confident in spending, saving, and investing their money. We have invested in Aflatoun, a financial and social literacy curriculum, that is helping our partners further this goal.

Partners for Progress

The BFB Foundation carefully selects organizations that operate in developing countries and share its vision of educating women and strengthening communities. These partner organizations already have strong infrastructures upon which the BFB Foundation can build and through which it can provide additional support to help reach common goals. Our current partner groups in Guatemala include:

Niños de Guatemala

Niños de Guatemala is a Dutch-Guatemalan non-profit organization working to provide the people of Guatemala with a better future through education and small scale development projects. Their first school, Nuestro Futuro, was opened in 2009 and the second, El Porvenir, opened in 2012. Their students come from some of the most impoverished neighborhoods around Antigua. In addition to a formal education, the schools offer many other programs for the students and the community such as adult literacy classes, parenting classes, computer classes, and sex education.

Niños de Guatemala has established a Mentor Program in order to support children enrolled in their schools. Mentors provide a monthly contribution that covers educational expenses for one child. This includes materials such as pens, pencils, and notebooks, part of the teacher’s salary, and general expenses of the school. In addition to monetary support, the program gives the Mentors a chance to help and support a child. For most students, they are the first in their families to receive an education and they need someone who understands the challenges they face in school. Padrinos play an important role in encouraging them to continue on in their studies and holding them accountable for their performance.

The BFB Foundation is helping Niños de Guatemala by providing:

  • Full time psychologists at each school
  • A full time English teacher at Nuestro Futuro
  • Funding for the construction of a 2nd building level at El Porvenir
  • Financial support and mentors for 81 girls through the Mentor Program
  • The introduction and implementation of Aflatoun, a financial literacy program.

Socorro School

In 1955, the Socorro School was established for the purpose of helping underprivileged, indigenous girls from remote villages to earn a teaching degree. The school currently serves 122 girls who live and study on campus in Antigua. After graduation, the girls return to their villages to teach and empower others in their community through education.

The BFB Foundation is helping Socorro School by providing:

  • Supporting girls through high school tuition support
  • Providing transportation for girls to participate in student teaching
  • Art programs to promote self-expression
  • The introduction and implementation of Aflatoun, a financial literacy program.
  • BFB Foundation Women’s Scholarships for continuing education for Socorro graduates

Riecken Foundation

The Riecken Foundation is a system of independent, free libraries promoting literacy, self-learning, critical thinking, and citizen participation. There are 64 libraries in total, 11 in Guatemala and 53 in Honduras. In addition to providing access to books and internet, the libraries offer a range of programs such as the Girl Reader Program, Early Childhood development, prenatal and parenting classes, youth leadership, and trade development. They are community centers where people can share, learn and grow.

The BFB Foundation is helping the Riecken Foundation by providing:

  • An annual three day training for librarians and volunteers
  • Funding for a pilot business center in San Juan de la Laguna, Sololá
  • The introduction and implementation of Aflatoun, a financial literacy program.

De la Gente

De la Gente works with coffee farming communities to create economic opportunity that improves the quality of life for their families and communities By providing the people the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools, we are able to work together to create sustainable and profitable businesses with long-term viability. With increased income, they are able to invest in the education, healthcare, housing and nutrition needed for healthy and thriving communities.

De la Gente has three main areas of development:

  • Coffee Business
  • Cooperative Assistance
  • Community Tourism